Posted on June 8, 2020 7:01 am in All Happiness

As humans, we share the basic need to survive. This core survival instinct has reigned the forefront of our minds (either consciously or subconsciously) since the dawn of time. Back then, we had predators with razor-sharp teeth and a taste for human flesh to worry about. Survival was our main focus because our lives depended on it. Nowadays, survival is about paying our bills and filling our stomachs with nourishing food. Our environment may have changed but one thing remains the same – we’re still on the course of survival. So, what keeps us on the ‘right course’? And, how do we know when we’ve ventured ‘off course’ for our purpose of survival? In this episode of The EnRichment Show, Rich Bello, uncovers the answers to these important questions to help you understand how you can use the mind’s motivating forces, pain and pleasure, to achieve your goals. In this episode, you’ll learn: • What your Internal Guidance System is and why it’s so important • How the brain uses neurotransmitters to fuel our desires and satisfy us with rewards • The four bugs in our Internal Guidance System • How to hack your mind to achieve your goals You can access even more of Rich’s winning strategies for life and business in his book, Crisitunity, available for free right now at And, if you want to work with Rich directly to maximize your potential and reach new heights, you can book a coaching call via Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so you don’t miss out on any future video content. You can also find the full episode on your podcast app of choice by searching for The EnRichment Show by Arootah, or listen in and read the blog post at