They say that an expert is someone who hits a target no else can hit while a genius hits a target that no one else can see.

Then there are Attainers.

Attainers create new targets and hit them with remarkable accuracy.

Attainers light the way for those who follow. They uplift and inspire as much as they achieve and attain.

We marvel at their feats at the same time that we come to believe that yes, we can do it, too.

It’s not because they make it look easy — because it isn’t and they don’t.

It’s not because they’re just like us — because they’re aren’t.

It’s because they ignite the spark of Beauty and Creation within each of us. And with that spark, in some way — our own way — we rally with all that we have and assault the commonplace, the ordinary, and the bland.

From what we read to what we watch.

From who we know to who we follow.

From what we think to what we do.

Attainers win daily, not because they always succeed, rather because they always try with unbounded audacity.

While others wonder why, Attainers wonder Why not?

Because Attainers know that it is better to live dreams than to tolerate reality. With the knowledge of their power and the courage to dare, the muster the faith to do — and boy, do they!

Become familiar with the Attainers. Be like them. Do like them.

And always move forward boldly.

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