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Michael J. Gelb is the author of 17 books including the international bestseller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, His books have been translated into 25 languages and have sold more than one million copies. Michael is a Senior Fellow of the Center for Humanistic Management the Gabelli School of Business and a member of the Leading People and Organizations Advisory Board. He serves as an executive leadership coach and consultant for high performers. Tune in and learn about how you can unleash your inner genius, and Michael’s brilliant insights on the Price of Leadership.

Quotes: “Leonardo da Vinci figured out early on that he needed to have a patron.” – Michael J. Gelb “Critical for long-term success is identifying allies, identifying mentors, and locating the people who get you and want to support you.” – Michael J. Gelb “You may have genius ideas, but if no one buys into your ideas, you may die penniless.” – Michael J. Gelb “The best way to match your energy is to have higher purpose.” – Michael J. Gelb “I’ve found this in my study of geniuses throughout history; they understand the importance of recovery, resilience, recharging, and resting.” – Michael J. Gelb “Fatal crashes are caused by one of two things; fatigue or lack psychological safety.” – Michael J. Gelb “Make sure everyone is well rested, and make sure you ask for their ideas regularly, and listen.” – Michael J. Gelb “There are three principles of geniuses; truth, beauty, and goodness.” – Michael J. Gelb “The key to the breakthrough of wisdom, is becoming aware of the habits that don’t serve you or your higher purpose – and freeing yourself from those habits.” – Michael J. Gelb “You can make behavioral shifts even before you’re in mental alignment with them.” – Michael J. Gelb “Find restorative practices.” – Michael J. Gelb “If you don’t believe in God, surrender to him anyways.” – Michael J. Gelb “Focusing on yourself is a loser’s game.” – Michael J. Gelb “The questions we ask everyday determine the quality of your life.” – Michael J. Gelb “Ask the question of, ‘how do I bring more truth, beauty, and goodness into the lives of others today?’” – Michael J. Gelb