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Imagine Children Art Drive (

Rock Your Kicks DIY paint kit is more than just a product. It has always been a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the positive impact and long lasting effects art has on children’s confidence & self worth (Arts, 2019).

After a very rocky start and many obstacles, the launch turned out to be an amazing team effort. Many years of combined sweat & tears and most of my personal money invested, Rock Your Kicks became a three time award winning product with many five star reviews and great write ups; an accomplishment to be proud of.

It is with a heavy heart and sad soul that I write this, due to extenuating circumstances; the time has come for me to part with this endeavor. But when the world gives you lemons – make lemonade!

To turn this painful situation into a positive one, I decided to be of service and focus on the good we can do with the units we have left. We are giving the remainder of our inventory (see full inventory list below) to schools, hospitals and children’s charities across the country. The money we raise will go toward labor, product and shipping costs.

Make a donation of $15.00 or more and receive one of our Limited Edition IMAGINE CHILDREN ART DRIVE T-Shirts!


My small team and I are making local drop offs and producing live videos of the events that we are sharing on social media. Check out our videos  ( and Help us go Nationwide!

We are also accepting more recommendations for schools, hospitals and children’s charities across the country that will benefit from the love of art and any local people that would be open to accepting the deliveries and video taping their hand offs.

If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of our “Imagine Children Art Drive” please spread the word and share our link Imagine Children Art Drive and #ImagineChildrenArtDrive.
We look forward to hearing from you.

We currently have the following inventory in perfect condition and are ready to ship today:

2000 full paint kits: 
(each kit includes 5 paints, 3 brushes, 1 paint pallet, 1 stencil sheet, 1 practice swatch and 1 educational instruction sheet that includes a color wheel to teach kids how to mix colors to make new ones)

7500 eye of the tiger professional paint brushes
(We have 2500 of each of 3 sizes)

2500 paint palettes
(round professional plastic paint tray palettes, 10 wells)

7500 full sheet mylar stencils
(with letters, numbers and shapes)

Our paint kits do not have to be sneaker specific. The great news is, you can paint on most any surface!
For the a la carte kit items listed:

• Paint brushes can be put in 3 in a box in our cute and colorful RYK brush boxes
• Paint palettes and stencils will be sent in nice shipping boxes
• If our funding goals are exceeded we could be in a position to purchase more paints and use the rest of our packaging and a la carte inventory to build another 2500 units of our full Rock Your Kicks DIY paint kits to give away to more schools, hospitals and charities.

We also have these items that we will break up into smaller quantities and include in our school shipments until inventory runs out.

• 1000 bubble envelopes

• 1000 white handle gift bags

• 200 pre-boxed paint boxes
(with 5 colors each)






Thank you for taking the time and for being a part of our Imagine Children Art Drive.

Thank you kindly,

The Team at Rock Your Kicks


“We are thrilled to see the NEA’s new report. We know that social-emotional development is at the foundation of learning across the life course, but especially for young children. Ample research has found that a strong social-emotional base in early childhood is associated with academic success and long-term outcomes like higher likelihood

 of employment, and lower likelihood of involvement with the criminal justice system. This report highlights that the arts are an important contribution to children’s social-emotional development. Art activities like singing, dancing, and visual arts are associated with an array of positive outcomes, including pro-social skills, cooperation, independence, emotional regulation, and reductions in both externalizing and internalizing behavior.

In the early years, children explore the world around them, experiment with new concepts, and learn new words and the meaning of words, through singing, dancing, drawing, and dramatic play. The arts can instill creativity, a love of learning, and motivation to go to school. It is critical that children in early childhood programs—whether Head Start, child care, or pre-kindergarten—receive the opportunity to learn through art. We look forward to continued research on social-emotional development to inform our work. We also need to have a better understanding of how the arts impact children’s approaches to learning, and cognitive and physical development” (Arts, 2019).

~Linda Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary and Inter-Departmental Liaison for Early Childhood Development Administration for Children & Families U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


Arts, N. (2019). Arts and early childhood development focus of new NEA research. [online] NEA. Available at: [Accessed 3 Jan. 2019].