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How to Properly Prepare and Use Ghee According to Charles F. Haanel and The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi (

Charles F. Haanel wrote about a substance that he claimed can “perpetuate health and long life.”

That substance is ghee, which is essentially a kind of clarified butter.

But is it even more than that?

Here is what he wrote in The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi.

44. The Banyan tree is known to be the longest lived tree in the world. The age of the Banyan tree is estimated at 5,000 years or more. The sap or the milk of this tree is full of the life-invigorating tissue and brain-building substance phosphorous. The Sages have recommended the milk of this tree as a sure and simple remedy for all sexual weakness.

45. The leaves of this tree contain milk and it is said that a few leaves are sufficient as food for a Yogi each day. It is known that some of the Yogis entirely depend upon the leaves and fruits of this tree for their sustenance. Now you have another of the secrets, which keeps the Yogis ever young and strong and full of sex force, which they transmute for building better brain and for attaining various spiritual powers.

46. Though the Western student is not in a position to use the milk of the Banyan tree as is done by some of the Yogis, I can yet recommend a simple preparation that may be used as a substitute and by which you may perpetuate health and long life.

47. Both occidental and oriental students will find no difficulty in preparing and using this simple compound. The preparation is called Ghee.

In the following Point (48) Haanel describes the method of properly preparing and using ghee.

  1. Heat fresh butter until every trace of water evaporates from it.
  2. The residue is an oil that is called Ghee.
  3. Ghee can be preserved in a corked bottle for quite a time.
  4. Mix this Ghee with honey in the proportion of two parts of butter to one part of honey.
  5. Use a tablespoonful morning and evening each day.
  6. The use of this preparation not only confers health and long life upon the user, but also helps to develop spirituality.

Mr. Haanel then adds this about this seemingly mystical substance:

Not only the Hindus, but we learn that some of the Jewish Prophets were in the habit of using this preparation. John the Baptist, who had a gigantic physique, used honey as part of his food. In the Bible, we find the following words: “Butter and honey shall he eat that he may know to refuse the evil and choose the good.” (Isaiah, Chap. 7-15)

There’s more from where this came.