Posted on June 8, 2020 12:36 pm in All Money

In today’s episode of the Tremendous Leadership podcast, Dr. Tracey Jones interviews Chad Hyams of the Win Make Give podcast. Chad Hyams is a speaker, trainer, and coach that brings results-based teaching to every opportunity. His success in the real estate industry has allowed him to apply his business lessons to all areas of his life and provide growth to his clients in various industries. Chad has become known as the Voice of Reason through his telling it like it is with practical, easy-to-understand examples through his inspirational speaking. Chad spends his time with his wife, working out, hosting the Win Make Give Podcast and coaching people to achieving dreams and desires they couldn’t even believe possible. Links: Follow Chad’s podcast Win Make Give at Follow Chad Hyams at Listen to Tracey’s interview on the Win Make Give podcast at… Visit for more Tremendous Leadership resources Quotes: “Loneliness can often be that moment of creating and casting the vision, and waiting for it to catch.” – Chad Hyams “I don’t believe you should pour energy into your weaknesses. Pour everything into your strengths, and leverage your weaknesses off.” – Chad Hyams “Your job as a leader isn’t to take everybody; your job as a leader is to take those who want to go.” – Chad Hyams “If they’re surprised you’re firing them, you weren’t doing your job as a leader.” – Chad Hyams “As a leader, you can complain upwards, but you can’t complain downward.” – Chad Hyams “The question is, do you have the wrong boss, or are you in the wrong organization.” – Chad Hyams “Put the blinders up, so that all you’ll see is what’s ahead of you and what’s coming. It’s your job to get us there, to lead, and pave the path, and lay the foundation to show us the way.” – Chad Hyams “Just like in flying, if you’re only half a degree off, all the sudden you’re in Timbuktu.” – Dr. Tracey Jones “If you’re surrounded by just Yes People, then you have the wrong people around you.” – Chad Hyams