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The Best Show on Television Just Provided the Best Definition of a Great Business (

Billions is already the best series on television. The writing is exceptional; the plot constantly twists; the dialog is crisp and clever and never fails to drive the story forward; Damian Lewis is, as always, great; Paul Giamatti is, well, he’s Paul Giamatti; the moment Wags, played by David Costabile (the ill-fated Gale Boetticher on Breaking Bad), appears in a scene, you instantly smile with anticipation. Billions is just a smart, entertaining show.

And it was co-created by Andrew Ross Sorkin, the author of the outstanding Too Big to Fail, co-anchor of Squawk Box, and founder and editor of DealBook, the NYT financial news site. The show definitely has business cred: As James Altucher says, “Billions is the first show that gets Wall Street right.”

And with all that said, the last episode of Billions also provides the perfect way to evaluate the potential of any startup — including yours.

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