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21 Marketing Lessons Every Creative Needs to Master (

Marketing is pretty simple: Find your potential customers and tell them why they should buy what you’re selling. Of course, just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy (as a general rule, I tend to find that simple things are often deceptively hard.)

The reason why finding your customers and telling them why they should buy your stuff is hard is because all the assumptions baked within it: Knowing who are your customers, knowing how to reach them, deciding what the best sales pitch is, even accepting that doing any of this is the creator’s job (as opposed to some marketing firm).

Marketing is a tough gig. It’s been my job for the last ten years and I’ve learned a few hard-won lessons over the last decade. But doing it right is a must—and it makes a big difference. There’s a line from Herb Cohen, “You’re better off with a great salesman and a mediocre product than with a masterpiece and a moron to sell it.”

Below are the 21 marketing lessons every creator needs to know. And yes, you might recognize a few of them from my books…which means I’ve already successfully marketed to you at least once before. And as a creator, I think you’ll love my newest book, Perennial Seller, which is all about how to make and market work that stands the test of time.

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