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13 Awesome Quotes That Will Get You Reading More in 2016 (

It’s 2016. There’s one thing that you should make a point to do this year in order to make it the BEST YEAR EVER:

Read more books.

It’s been noted that many of the world’s most influential people read at least one book per week. That’s fifty-two book per year.

Do you want to know what’s amazing about that?

Fifty-two books is over ten times what the average person reads in a year!

Think about that.

Successful people, world leaders, society’s influencers are all — each and every one of them — voracious readers.

Average people tend to be … well … average readers.

And you don’t want to be average. Or ordinary.

Here is a collection of quotes that will motivate you to read more in 2016. Aim for a book a week. Read in the morning and in the evening. Mix it up: read serious books that relate to your profession as well as fun books that entertain.

Here are a bunch of great books to start.

And if you should ever find yourself slipping, have a look at one or two of these quotes to remind yourself that when you read, you will succeed!

Talk about it...!